About Us

The collective Contemporary Wild is founded by two young designers, Asnate Bočkis and Willem van Doorn, after their graduation at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Willem grew up in a farm near to Amsterdam and works in the context of DIY culture, nature and constructions. Asnate has her roots in Riga, Latvia; she was educated as a classical artist before attending design studies. Her work concerns social and spatial interventions.

In Contemporary Wild they share their fascination for the duality between Man & Nature. With their provoking projects they challenge public rituals and rethink usage of natural elements in the urban landscape.

Contact us:
Asnate: +316 24388638
Willem: +316 33836781


Birch Bar

Every year, when the sap is starting to run out from the bitch trees, I know, the spring has finally arrived and nothing is gonna stop it now. It is a very happy moment of the year. Birch Bar was set-up to celebrate that moment. Collective 'Contemporary Wild' created an event were people could learn how to harvest the birch juice and offered them a range of delicious drinks and snacks to taste. In our menu one can find raw birch sap, several birch sap cocktails and vine as well as chicken pickled in birch sap and few desserts. See you next spring!


Boerûh melk

Boerûh Melk is an exclusive product, super food made from the "holy grass" of the Philips Stadium field in Eindhoven. Over the time the football field grass has become an object of worship and superstition. A lot of expectations and emotions are related to those particular grass fields. It is holy and untouchable.

Collective 'Contemporary Wild' takes advantage of this taboo and upgrades the waste grass of football pitch into milk. Grass is not only a living carpet to play on but also an important source of nutrition.

Project created for exhibition FC DDW, curator Jules van den Langenberg; DDW 2015, Eindhoven, NL